The worlds first mobile outdoor touchscreen system for on-site broadcast/streaming sports event coverage alongside pitch-side team coaching.

Custom builds now available for purchase or period leasing.


SmartCart SVX™ is a mobile solution designed not only to meet the needs of live sports broadcasts and streaming but also provides a remote production facility pitchside allowing telestrated reviews analysis and interviews with managers coaches and players.

SmartCart SVX™ delivers stunning brightness and clarity in sunlight and is designed for use in extremes of weather and temperatures.

SmartCart SVX™ with its on-board server and self powering option allows it to be taken out to local communities, schools, charities.

Sports Coaching

SmartCart SVX™ runs any of the popular coaching software on a mobile platform with integrated high performance server and is designed to align the skill sets of analysts and coaches to increase the retention levels of professional players by allowing rapid pitchside video review and repetition on the training pitch. Particularly effective with set plays for defence and attack improving comprehension between coach and player and with the telestrated video medium and immediacy overcoming any language barriers.

Our philosophy is to use advanced technology to tell the story.
— Harold Bryant, Executive Producer & Senior Vice President, Production, CBS Sports
I think this is one of the most ingenious things I have come across.
— TV Reporter, PGA
The players are really enjoying the opportunity to interact with the machine and reviewing their play.
— Tim Barter, Golf Pundit, Sky Sports
Sometimes as a coach when you are directing players or pointing things out you can see the problem in your head, but sometimes the players don’t see the same things. What the cart does is bring clarity to everything, because you can get your message across and reinforce it with the footage on the cart.
— Allan Russell, Set Piece Coach, Norwich City F.C.

Worcester University Study on retention of information using telestration

The study was conducted by Mike Bateman and John Francis of Worcester University, with the assistance of Steve Rands of Nottingham Forest FC and Jordan Smith of Bournemouth FC.

Read the Study

About SmartCart SVX

SmartCart SVX™ is a highly innovative outdoor mobile interactive touch screen system designed for live production use by TV Sports Broadcasters worldwide and now as a versatile mobile Streaming platform.

It uniquely overcomes a number of design hurdles and physical constraint to provide a highly reliable touch experience as well as outstanding system reliability tried and tested on major events in the most extreme conditions likely to be encountered.

With a screen as bright as the latest stadium screens in full daylight it provides a greater ‘presence’ at an event and adds a compelling new dimension to broadcast or live streaming sports events providing a new method presentation and analysis live and on the pitch — enabling TV/streaming fans to enjoy in depth video analysis and interviews with their Club/Team anchor and maybe even coach discussing their performances live at the screen — away from the traditional studio scenario at a much lower cost.

Ideal also for delivering cost effective live coverage and for remote production scenarios.

Roberto Martinez now the newly appointed Portugal head coach ex Belgium national team manager using the SmartCart SVX in Paris on an ESPN Broadcast analysis segment.

A turnkey solution which integrates with all major broadcast graphics platforms

SmartCart SVX has already delivered at these world class events

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SmartCart SVX on the road


  • Custom builds to client requirements

  • Self-contained or remote working

  • Systems and support available on period lease/rental contract

  • Whole system turnkey packages available including interfaces graphics engines and content development and design

  • Systems consultancy and OB integration service for clients guaranteeing seamless install and operation

Product support

  • Specialist presenter and roving talent introductory training package is included

  • Technical training to first line support level for technical staff is included

  • On-site support and guarantee service for Outside Broadcast Events

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